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Aug 13, 2008

Practice Match at Akhara


Deepak said...

It is nice to see the blog,

the pictures are wonderfull,

and the description are in its true senses resembling present situation here in india,
as you know , we here in akhara have such a stamina that we can have a bout for more than 15 minutes, while in the international system is like fast wrestling not to pin down the opponent. had it been like this , we would have begged most the gold in olympics


sudeep said...

There is a need to develop the traditinal wrestling as our own sport. In fact we share the legacy of mud pit wrestling with Pakistan and Iran.
About the physical stamina of these pahelwans i have seen them doing 1000 squts in one go that too daily after 4-5 km of running.
Dr Sudeep Kumar

oldvine said...

It is a pleasant surprise to find such a nice blog. Such a vivid description and pics collected from different part of India. The vidos depict the difficult conditions and also the stifling heat in which our wrestlers practice. It is indeed their dediction to this sport which is keeping this traditional game live.