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Sep 20, 2009

Dasara wrestling gets off to a rousing start

It’s now time for thrilling wrestling bouts

Shankar Bennur

MYSORE: It is now time for some thrilling wrestling bouts as muscle-men have arrived here for the Dasara wrestling event.

Young, budding and seasoned wrestlers thronged the D. Devaraj Urs Multipurpose Stadium, the venue of wrestling event which got off to a rousing start on Saturday.

Described as one of the biggest championships of Indian-style wrestling (“Nada Kushti”) in the country, the competition attracts wrestlers, including some popular ‘pehalwans’, from almost the entire State. Wrestlers from other States come here to participate in wrestling events (other than “Nada Kushti” or traditional bouts) in which the winner is decided based on points.

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