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Oct 17, 2009

Hitesh wins Rustum-i-Hind title


Jammu, Sept 22 : Team of Indian wrestlers overpowered their Pakistani counterparts to win the prestigious title of Rustum-i-Indo Pak dangal organised under the banner of ‘Mission Dosti’ tournament in Katra on Tuesday evening.
After witnessing three straight fights the jam packed Vivekananda stadium here in Katra came to life when Indian wrestler Hitesh Yadav matted his Pakistani counterpart Md Bashir of Sialkote to win the title.
MLA Reasi, Baldev Sharma, DC Reasi PK Pole and President of Indian style wrestling Association (Jammu and Kashmir) Shiv Kumar Sharma were among those present on the occasion along with senior district and police officers.
Out of a total number of four matches the Pakistani wrestler Mohd Ali won the first battle. He was cheered by large number of local people as he crushed his Indian counterpart.
The second match was won by an Indian wrestler while Pakistani wrestler Abdul Rehman was declared retired hurt in the third match.
The fourth and the final title match was won by Hitesh Yadav. The Pakistani player Md Bashir was not happy with the decisions taken by the match umpire and expressed his unhappiness after he lost the match.
The title was awarded to Hitesh Yadav by MLA Reasi Baldev Sharma in the absence of minister of Sports. The winner of the title was handed over a cash prize of Rs 51,000 and a silver memento. Several hundred local residents and huge rush of pilgrims witnessed the wrestling tournament.
The President of Jammu Kashmir Indian style wrestling association Shiv Kumar Sharma said," the aim behind organising Mission Dosti tournament is to promote sporting ties between India and Pakistan..
Sharma said the event is gaining popularity with each year and has become one of the favorite events for the organisers of the nine day long Navratra festival. He said players from both the countries should be allowed to frequently travel across the border to play tournaments to promote sporting ties.

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