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Dec 30, 2009

Joginder wins ‘Hind Kesari Title’

PUNE, Dec 28: Delhi boy Joginder Singh claimed the "Hind Kesari Title" defeating Hitesh from Haryana by 4-1 points in a keen final of the 43rd edition of the title bout at Loni, near here.
The title bout last night saw a big crowd of more than 50,000.
The 22-yr old Joginder should have floored the rival despite having missed many chances during the grappling. He was trailing by one point in the opening round as the Haryana grappler showed agility to give his rival some anxious moments.
However, Joginder bounced back in the second round to use the various combination of strategies to not only reduce the margin but took a two points lead.
Having gained in confidence, Joginder did not allow Hitesh any leeway and continued his attacking postures and could have floored the rival.(PTI)

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bush said...

joginder is a great wrestler .. he as a amazing body ...and he just like mahabharats BHIM....HE IS MY GREAT FRN..