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Jan 29, 2010

Wrestling matches get a spirited response

One upmanship: Wrestlers in action at the competition at Hampi on Thursday.
The Hindu
HAMPI: A wrestling match was held here on Thursday as a part of the 500th anniversary celebrations of Sri Krishnadevaraya’s coronation.
As the two combatants faced each other, there were spirited shouts of encouragement from the audience, a sign that wrestling remains as popular today as it was during the Vijayanagar era.
Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya himself was an accomplished wrestler.
As many as 65 pairs of wrestlers from Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, New Delhi and the State battled it out at the clay arenas here.
Ajjappa Hanchinahal, a senior “pehalwan” began the tournament by offering pooja to the “kusti kana” B.S.Anand Singh, Vijayanagar MLA, was present.

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