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Feb 14, 2011


MEN Media

Traditional South Asian wrestling is coming to Oldham where amateur fighters will also help raise money for a charity to provide basic primary medical care for the poor and needy in Bangladesh.

The amateur kushti competition will take place at the Taj Palace and has been organised by Nanu Miah who was inspired to bring the sport to Oldham following the popular BBC series Last Man Standing, where a group of western adventurers accept 'manly' challenges in tribal areas.

Nanu said the competition was 'a first of its kind' in the town.

Kusthi originates from India and is a traditional wrestling competition which demonstrates strength agility and skill, whilst at the same time showing mutual respect for each competitor.

Fighters travel to India and compete against some of the most remote tribes on their own turf.

Nanu said: "Majority of people have never heard of kusthi or where it originates from and I wanted to highlight a sport which teaches young people discipline and how to remain focussed at the same time getting them fit and healthy through weight training.

"I also wanted to raise money for a medical charity in Bangladesh which provides basic primary medical care for the poor and needy and prevents people from dying by providing medical treatment which costs less than 50p per treatment."

The competition will consist of eight contestants who will have to fight each other in kusthi to earn the title of 'last man standing' and the winner of the first ever kusthi competition to be held in Oldham.

The family event will take place at the Taj Palace on Tuesday 22 February between12noon to 2.00pm.

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