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Mar 20, 2011

Indian Wrestlers Shine

Deccan Herald

Belgaum, March 13

Playing amid the cheering home crowd, Indian wrestlers had an edge over their counterparts from abroad. They won the first two places by defeating wrestlers from Russia and Georgia respectively.

Hind Kesari title winner, Joginder Singh from Punjab, won the Vishwa Kannada Kesari title after a tough fight against Illadrukka Furtinaze from Russia. Singh was presented a purse of Rs 11 lakh and a silver mace.

Uttar Pradesh Kesari title winner Varunkumar flattened to ground Levan Shetraje from Georgia and won the bout.

During the 16-minute bout, Varunkumar overcame the initial attacks of Shetraje and defeated him deploying the Indian wrestling techniques flawlessly.

For the Indian players, bouts on mud proved to be an advantage.

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