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May 20, 2011

First “Rajasthan Kesari” Wrestling Competition Begins

On the occasion of Late Rajiv Gandhi’s (ex Prime Minister of India) 19th death anniversary, a 3 days (from 19th may to 21st may) wrestling competition would be organized by Akhil Bhartiya Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Dangal Samiti. The event was inaugurated by Mangi Lal Garasia (Sports & Youth Minister, Rajasthan) on 19th may around 6pm. The venue of the wrestling competition is Shri Chaturbhuj Hanuman Rashtriya Vyayamshala at Haridasji ki Magri, Malla Talai.
300 wrestlers from all over Rajasthan would be showing their valor & power. The objective of this wrestling competition is to give a strong platform to all wrestlers so that this royal & ancient sport of India doesn’t get extinguished. This is an effort to cheer up all wrestlers & to motivate them.
Guests of Opening Ceremony:
Other guests included, Sajjan Katara (M.L.A. of Girva), Ghanshyam Singh Krishnawat (President of Shri Hanuman Rashtriya Vyayam Shala), Jagdish Raj Srimali (national organization minister, Intak), Madhusudan Sharma (President of District Congress Committee Udaipur), Lalit Singh Jhala (District Games Officer, Udaipur), Choga Lal Bhoi (Director, Mewar Cable), Pyare Lal Sharma (Ex President Congress Samwadal, Udaipur), Lal Singh Jhala (President of Akhil Bhartiya Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Dangal Samiti) & Om Prakash Jain (Founder & secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Gandhi Smriti Dangal Samiti).
Lal Singh Jhala welcomed the guests and addressed all the participants. He said that Late Rajiv Gandhi was a very dynamic personality. He encouraged the participants to perform to their best level and be a part of national and international events. He said that sports facilities in Udaipur should be improved and like Jaipur international tournaments and cricket matches should be organized here as well. He requested Mangi Lal Garasiya and Dr. C.P. Joshi to help in the development of sports facility.

List of Wrestling Programs:

This wrestling competition would be divided among 5 major competitions which are as following:
Serial NumberName of CompetitionWeightTime limitNumber of rounds1st prize2nd prize3rd prize
1Virat Rajasthan Kesari70 kgs & above4 minutes(30 seconds rest)321000rs110000rs5000rs
2Mewar Kesari65 kgs & above4 minutes(30 seconds rest)35001rs3501rs2001rs
3Mewar Veer Abhimanyu60-65 kgs3 minutes(30 seconds rest)33501rs2001rs1501rs
4Mewar Veer Lav51-60kgs2 minutes(30 seconds rest)32001rs1501rs1001rs
5Mewar Veer Kush50 kgs2 minutes(30 seconds rest)32001rs1501rs1001rs
Sukta Singh of  Hanuman Garh won the first match against Balbir Singh of Bharatpur.
Closing Ceremony (21st may, 5:30pm at Shri Chaturbhuj Hanuman Rashtriya Vyayamshala at Haridasji ki Magri, Malla Talai).
Raghuveer Singh Meena (M.P. Udaipur) would be the honorable chief guest at the closing ceremony of this 3 day wrestling competition. Madhu Mehta (District Head Udaipur) along with Devaki Nandan Gurjar (Member of Congress Committee), Trilok Purbia (Ex M.L.A. Udaipur), Mahendra Singh Shekhawat (Vice Chairman, Municipality council), Ram Lal Meena (Secretary Engineer, Public Health department), Bharat Sharma-industrialist, Ganesh Lal Medhwal-Industrialist, Chatar Singh Rathore (Managing Director, Mewar High Tech Engineering) wil be present at the closing ceremony.

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