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Apr 26, 2009

Great article by G Rajaraman on Sushil Kumar

LINK: Resuming life in the akhara... by choice


arun-singh said...

Good article. It gives very good insight into life of Sushil Kumar. His simplicity, dedidation and hard work deserve all praise. It would be nice if some of photographs of sushil kumar training/or otherwise in Indian Kushti attire are posted on this site as it would inspire the next generation to take up the dying sport of kUSHTI.

Ansuia Prasad Deepak said...

Yeah! i agree with you arun singh ji,

The dying art has to be saved, to transncend to the next gener,

and Here is sushil kumar, an inspiration for us all

Deepak Ansuia

workhard said...

Great post.. do these people stay together at one camp

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