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May 2, 2009

Photography of T S Satyan

LINK: French article about T S Satyan's photos of wrestlers training in Kolkata

LINK: More photography by T S Satyan


Anonymous said...

Where is this place, Greg? Can you share the location details? do they teach pehalwani?

Anonymous said...

This is Ronak Shah, Amit's friend from orkut. Greg, we are connected on orkut.

gb said...

Hi. The article doesn't give much information about the akhara or anything. It just says Kolkata.

Ronak Shah said...

Greg, do you know places within Mumbai where kushti takes place?

workhard said...

Good pics

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Slogan Murugan said...

In Mumbai, you can try this place near Chincgpokli station.

Mahatma Phule Vyayam Mandir in Chinchpokli.

NM Joshi Marg.