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Nov 8, 2009

Pak-India dangal next month

LAHORE,Nov 7 (APP)- Pakistan and Indian top grapplers will be seen in action in a “Challenge Cup Dangal “ being held here in December.
This was stated by Chairman,CMC,Bank Alfalah,Pervaiz A Shahid at a news conference on Saturday at Lahore Press Club in the presence of Lahore district Nazim,Mian Aamir Mahmood.  Also preset was national champion,Muhammad Bashir Bhola Bhala.
Pervaiz said the dangal would comprise three stages with the first leg taking place on December 13 at Lahore followed by second competition on December 18 at Bahawalpur and third on December 20 at Karachi.
“ This event will help in reviving traditional style of wrestling in which grapplers from both Pakistan and India dominated and this art of wrestling was patronised by elite of the society for a long time “,he said.
Answering a question,he said,dangal would help in breaking ice between the two countries and restoring sporting ties and creating better understanding between people on both sides.
“ Bank Alfalah is extending financial assistance to a number of sports,apart from supporting cricket with an aim to pay special attention to those sports which are a part of our heritage and culture “,he said adding “ We will continue supporting dangals in future as well “.
He announced a cash prize of Rs one million for the winner of the event.      
Mian Aamir Mahmood said the dangal would be participated by top wrestlers of sub-continent and high quality wrestling would be produced from this event.
“ There will be a number of bouts in the event besides the title bout for which Bashir Bhola Bhala has challenged the top wrestlers of the India”,he said.
Bhola Bhala said he is ready to fight with any Indian wrestler that is why he has challenged all of them.
“ I fought against a number of Indian wrestlers in the past and I have a good record against them and I am sure that I will win against them when they visit Pakistan.”


Sandra Brovall said...

Hey Kushti blogger

I'm a Danish journalist travelling to India wednesday next week (the 11th).

I would love to do an article about an akhara near Varanasi where I'll be staying the 14th-15th of november.

Can you help me get in contact with an akhara near Varanasi?

Sandra Brovall

gb said...

Don't know much about varanasi, but if you ask around, should be easy enough to find something.