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Jan 7, 2012

New Car Inspired by Indian Wrestling

The Hindu
Car market leader Maruti Suzuki, known more as a small car manufacturer, is trying to wrestle into a new space.
First came the compact multi-purpose vehicle, a concept of which it showcased at the last auto expo. It will launch this vehicle, named the Ertiga, at the expo tomorrow. Today, it showcased the concept of a compact sport utility vehicle codenamed XA Alpha, for which the company said it had drawn cues from the martial art of wrestling.
The Lava Red colour of the concept on display was derived from the aura of Indian wrestling — “the feel and colour of mud, the passion, the power and the confidence of wrestlers is depicted in the striking bright colour,” said Mr I.V. Rao, Managing Executive Officer – Engineering, Maruti Suzuki. Passenger car customers now aspired for an SUV type vehicle without the large size of the traditional SUVs.
That is why Maruti Suzuki decided on this concept, explained company officials. Mr Rao said the design team's mandate was to come up with a vehicle that would be experimental in design and rugged to withstand the extreme usage.
It is the theme of rugged living derived from Indian wrestling, he said. “We studied the body movements, stances and build up of the performers.”
It came up with a concept — fabricated in China — of a sturdy and rugged looking vehicle. The robust and wide surfaces, which create an interplay of shadows and highlights, are derived from the wrestlers' overall build-up. The front is designed to give that rugged, mean look, with the mean looking headlamps inspired by the eyes of the eagle, explained Mr Rao.

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