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Aug 11, 2012

2nd Mewar Kushti Dangal in September

Udaipur Times
Udaipur will host the 2nd Mewar Kushti Dangal – a wrestling competition in September this year. The decision was made in a meeting held today at Ustad Karan Singh Pahalwan Shree Bhim Vyayamshala.
The competition, scheduled on 29 September, will be held in the memory of Rajasthan’s legendry wrestler Ustad Karan Singh Pahalwan.
According to Kushti Dangal organizing committee, the motive behind organizing the competition is to provide budding wrestlers with a good platform to showcase their skills.
Dr. Dilip Singh Chouhan, secretary of Ustad Karan Singh Pahalwan Memorial Committee, said that Ustad Karan Singh had hosted several Khushti Dangal in his life. He was a national level wrestler and also appointed as a technical official at 1982 Asiad Games in Delhi.
Ustad Karan Singh was later involved in politics and social service activities. He remained ward area councilor from 1971-74 and again from 1999-2003.
Various committee members including Kailash Paliwal, Om Prakash Sen, Sushil Sen, Jaji Meghwal, Hemendra Choudhry, Pankaj Choudhry, Sanjeev Rajpurohit, Ghanshyam Singh Bhinder, Krishankant Nahar, Ashish Nandwana, Bhavani Pal Singh, Kishan Singh Soni etc. were present in the meeting.

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