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Feb 4, 2010

Guru Chand Roop's Akhara

Guru Chand Roop's akhara is a simple place, located in Azadpur next to the largest wholesale vegetable market in India. Though it is basic, it attracts some of the best pehlwans in India. They come to train here to learn from the esteemed guru ji. Though he is around 80 years old and can barely walk, the former military man still manages to coach his wrestlers every day - barking instructions and even doling out beatings in order to instill discipline into his students. In fact, he has to limit the number of wrestlers he accepts into his akhara. There are so many that want to train here, he only selects the best.

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Unknown said...

can you tell me which is exactly adress of this school? I´m an spanish fan of wrestling india. my mail is
I´ll go to Delhi in september