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Feb 9, 2010

Guru Munni World Cup Dangal

By Deepak Ansuia Prasad

This Dangal is organised every year by Guru Munni Vyamshala (Akahada) at Pahargunj, New Delhi. This year it was held on 27-30th January 2010. Unlike ordinary dangals, the wrestlers were weighed in and were paired against each other and the bouts were decided on the basis of points earned by the wrestlers as happens in international tournaments. The finals in all weight classes were held on 30th Janaury. Almost every bout was inaugurated by a renowned wrestler, guji, khalifa or variuos politicians. Among them was Minister Ajay Maken, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, who encouraged all the wrestlers, gurujis and coaches present to lift up Indian wrestling. He also announced the Mahan Bharat kesari dangal -- a great wrestling tournament -- to be held later on. Congress Party leader Vinod Sharma and Senior BJP leader Dr. Vijay Malhotra also gave touching speeches on the plight of wrestlers and described developments for the Commonwealth Games, which are to be held later this year. The dangal went smoothly and bouts were decided by experienced coaches from variuos Akhadas.

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