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Feb 28, 2010

Wrestling Training with Guru Chand Roop

In this video clip, wrestlers are practicing single-leg takedowns at Guru Chand Roop's akahara in Azadpur. One of the wrestlers isn't executing the move properly so not only does he get a scolding, Guru-ji beats him with his cane. But the wrestler stands and takes his punishment. It's an example of the extreme discipline that is part of a pehlwan's life. While Guru Chand Roop is around 80 years old and can barely walk, what he says goes and wrestlers hang on his every word. They have come to his akhara to be champions and the former military officer has turned out plenty over the years. 

The following excerpt from an article in the Tribune lists some of Guru Chand Roop's achievments:

Captain Chand Roop’s credentials are impeccable. He has produced a number of Olympians, other international and national-level wrestlers, from his famed Chand Roop akhara in Delhi. Ombeer Singh (Asian Games and Asian Championship silver medallist, Olympian, six-time national champion, gold medallist in the Commonwealth Games), Ashok Kumar (two gold and as many silver medals in the Commonwealth Games, two times Asian Games participant and winner of medals in other international meets) and Rohtash Singh Dahiya (fifth in the Los Angeles Olympics, two gold medals in the SAF Games and a bronze in the Asian Championship), are some of his most famous products. Olympian Dharambeer, Bharat Kesari and Commonwealth silver medallist Netra Pal, Bharat Kesari and Bharat Kumar Vijay Kumar, Hind Kesari Krishan Kumar, Hind Kesari Sonu and Junior Asian Championship bronze medallist Sanjay are some of the other notable grapplers to have come out of the Chand Roop akhara.

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