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Jun 28, 2010

Guru Jasram Ji's Akhara

By Deepak Ansuia Prasad

Guru Jasram Ji's Akhara is on Mathura Road Highway in South Delhi near Modi Mill Flyover. It is one of the biggest and most reputed Akharas (wrestling training centers) in India. The Akhara is run by 85-year-old Guru Jasram Ji. Everyday he comes to the Akhara at 5.a.m. and 3 .p.m. to train the wrestlers. 

The Akhara also has a coach provided by the Sports Authority of India. The Akhara is a recognized by the Delhi Government, which is committed to promoting sports. Presently more than 250 wrestlers train here and many more are coming. Out of them, 20 wrestlers are also adopted by the Government and given scholarships. Guru Ji is both sincere and amiable and he wants his wrestlers to bring honor to their country. That is why he is so disciplined and demands discipline from his pupils.

Julian Hanton is a reputed actor/director. He visited the akhara with me and shall be making a documentary on Guru Jasram Akhara.


Anonymous said...

Your efforts to spread the awareness of Tradition Indian wrestling is a very kind job.Given the depreciation of tradition, your efforts are very helpful to revive the Golden Days of Tradition, and also that there are only few bunch of people who tends to be so generous like you, I am very glad to thank you for your support for reviving the tradition.

One of a wrestler in a Akhara

saurabh said...


How can I get in touch with this Akhara ?

Stream studio Films said...

I want to come here. Pls how many charges of pay for training. I belong to lower class family. But my dream is playing kushti wrestling in olympic. Pls inform me thnx.