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Nov 11, 2010

The 29th Dangal at Village Tigaon – Old Faridabad

By Deepak Ansuia Prasad

Every year, in the memory of great wrestler Lalaram Pahlwaan and on the occasion of Goverdhan Puja, or the prayer day for Lord Krishna, which comes a day after Diwali, Village Tigaon hosts a dangal. This day is also celebrated as the day of love and respect and the emotional bond between brothers and sisters. This year, the dangal took place on 6th November, near khedi pul old bridge, on the outskirts of Tigaon, in old Faridabad.

The dangal was organized by Sheesh Pal Pahlwan and his brother, Sunil Pahlwan as well as Sukram international coach, Manoj Noida. Other veteran wrestlers like Kishan Pahlwan, Popan Thakur, Leela Thakur, Sunil and Govind also assisted Sheeshpal Pahlwaan in organizing the dangal.

One of the chief guests of the dangal was King and Thakur Amar Singh, a great personality of India, Member of Parliament, and a friend of former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav of Uttar Pradesh. He is also a friend of the greatest-ever film personality of India, Amitabh Bachaan, and actress Jaya Prada, among many others.

The other chief guest was Thakur Mahender Pratap Singh a devoted wrestling fan who also attends and presides over many dangals in the state.

The chief guests were welcomed by Saini Clan, Ch. Brahm Singh Neta ji, Kirpal ji, Ompal ji, Shiv Shankar Bhardwaj, Leelu Pahlwan, Ch. Surajmal, Sheeshpal, Kishan Pahlwan, Sunil Pahlwan, Kishan Thakur and Ram Thakur.

Throngs of people came to watch the event. And the police force of the area did a great job maintaining order.

One unique part of the dangal was that women wresters from Chandagi Ram Akhara from Delhi came to compete and the spectators watched them with astonishment, as many had never seen such a thing before. The women’s bout was a success and did not result in a draw.

The last match of the dangal was between the great wrestler and Bharat Kesari Vikram Pahlwan and Krishan Haryana Kesari from Haryana. The bout went on for a long time. And the crowed was shouting for their wrestlers. Vikram tried hard to take down Krishan and at one point seemed to have him pinned, but Referee Kishan Pahlwan did not gave a decision. It was dark already and the bout had to be stopped as the crowd grew noisier.

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