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Nov 6, 2010


By Deepak Ansuia Prasad
Guru Shyamlal

Guru Shyamlal dedicated his whole life to kushti. He worked hard to popularise the sport by taking part in dangals and promoting activities related to wrestling. He also worked with Delhi Armed Police.

Guru Shyamlal gained fame throughout northern India by defeating many great wrestlers of his time, including Bishambhar Pahlwan (railway), Jagroop Pahlwan, Kallu Pahlwan (from Meerut), Prathi Pahlwan (from Sarikhpur Village). Other great wrestlers he wrestled to a draw, such as Mulchand Pahlwan (railway), Raamdhan (of Guru Hanuman Akhara), and Vishwas (of Delhi Police). He also traveled to Indore to fight many wrestling matches.

Guru Shyamlal
Shyamlal Pahlwan (middle) with two other wrestlers

Guru Shyamlal

Guru Shyamlal with Rajinder Pahlwan

He continued his passion for the game during his service in the armed forces and started Aya Nagar Akhara after his retirement with some veteran wrestlers like Ajit Pahlwaan, Bishambar and others. At his akhara, he trained many famous wrestler like Manudev, teaching them the many techniques of wrestling. He would also meet with other great wrestlers and gurus, such as Guru Hanuman, Mahabali Satpal, Guru Jasram, Soukhwant, Arjun Awardee Bhim Pahlwaan Vishwanath Pahlwan and others to figure out way to promote wrestling and make it more popular in India.

Great leader and member of Parliament Sajjan kumar (white beard) shaking hands with Shaymlal Pahlwan

Shyamlal Pahlwan in a dangal committee discussion

Shyamlal Pahlwan's father

Guru Shyamlal was a disciple of Guru Anant Ram of Ghitorni Village. Ghitorni Village is famous for wrestlers and a dangal is held there every year.

Referee of Ghitorni Village dangal

Guru shaymlal left us and went to his heavenly abode on 27th Feb. 2010. The world will always remember him as a great wrestler and benefactor of Indian wrestling.

Group photo

Jeetu felicitated by local leaders after winning interstate junior wrestling championship

Jeetu Pahlwan

Jeetu winning a gold medal at the interstate junior wrestling championship

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