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Nov 8, 2011

Arch Rivals Ready To Revive Wrestling

Three renowned wrestlers of the Indian Punjab are likely to visit Pakistani Punjab to compete against the host`s top opponents in Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala from Nov 13 to 18.

The `dangals` are being organised by MNA Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in collaboration with the Punjab government to promote the indigenous sport in the province. The Indian wrestlers are likely to get the visas by Monday.

The process of visa has been delayed due to some hitches in security clearance. An organizer told Dawn objections relating to the issuance of visas had been cleared and, hopefully, the Indian wrestlers would get the visas.

Indian national champion Jagroop Singh and Indian Punjab champion Shah Mohammad are two prominent wrestlers who are included in the squad. Satender Singh is the third wrestler. From the home side, the list of wrestlers is yet to be announced as organizers are awaiting the issuance of visas.

The first dangal will be held in Lahore on Nov 13, the second in Faisalabad on Nov 16 and the third in Gujranwala on Nov 18.

Earlier, the organizers had selected Bahawalpur as one of the venues which was later changed to Faisalabad. Organizers said although Bahawalpur had more potential in wrestling than Faisalabad, the venue had to be changed because of poor response from the local government of Bahawalpur.

“We need a full cooperation from the local and the Punjab government to provide full security to Indian wrestlers, therefore, we have shifted the venue,” they said.

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