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Nov 20, 2011

India, Pak tied 1-1 in wrestling championship

Times of India

LAHORE: India and Pakistan were tied 1-1 in the first round of matches in a 'dangal' or wrestling championship being held in Punjab province.

The matches marking the beginning of the second India-Pakistan wrestling tourney were witnessed by a large crowd that gathered at a stadium in Gujranwala city, 55 km from the Punjab capital of Lahore.

India's Satinder Singh won the first match against Pakistan's Jani Pahalwan. Satinder gained the upper hand shortly after the match began and easily defeated Jani Pahalwan. In the second match, India's Jagrup Singh never came to grips with the strength and techniques of Pakistan's Umar Pahalwan.

The Pakistani wrestler was declared the winner after Jagrup retired injured following a fall. The large crowd cheered the wrestlers as a group of drummers provided the musical accompaniment for the matches.

The Indian team includes wrestlers Jagrup Singh, Shah Muhammad and Satinder Singh and some officials. More matches will be held at Gujranwala (November 20), Lahore (November 21) and Faisalabad (November 24).

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