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Nov 24, 2011

Singh defeats Shahid in Pak, India wrestling


Lahore—Indian wrestler, Satinder Singh maintained the sequence of his victories in a three match dangal series by flooring down Pakistani grappler Shahid Khoaiwala to take 2-0 lead here on Monday at Punjab stadium.

In front of a big gathering the 24-year old Indian wrestler made short work of a weak challenger,26 year old Shahid through greater anticipation and power to get two back to back victories, following up his superb run in the opener at Gujranwala.

At a specially prepared soil made “ Akhara” right in the heart of Punjab stadium, Satinder foiled an effort of Shahid to lift him upward ,quickly grabbing him from his neck and then flooring him down with a quick action, amid roaring applause from the crowd to end a short lived five minutes battle. Both the grapplers tested each other strength by locking arms in the beginning and the Indian wrestler did not give any space to the home grappler to make any advanced move.

As Shahid tried to get hold of Satinder who foiled the attempt and rather came up with a brilliant act to put him down at the soil for a out right win announced by referees of the bout, Gogi Pehqlwan and former olympian Mohammad Azam. Satinder in his first outing at Gujranwala got rid of Jani Pehalwan, The third and last dangal will be played at Gujranwala on November 23.

Before the main bout, ten bouts featuring local grapplers were held. “It was not a tough competition and I was vigilant from the start and I did not give him (Shahid) a chance to put me under pressure and as he went for his most daring effort I just dashed it and floored him down”, said Satinder after the victory. “I am delighted to be here in Lahore and I am thankful to a large gathering for coming and watching the dangal and I believe it was a very good dangal to further promote the traditional style of wrestling in Pakistan and India as well”, he added. Shahid attributed his defeat to lack of concentration and said his Indian rival demonstrated good tactics to put him under pressure eventually winning the bout.—APP

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