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Nov 17, 2012

Indian wrestler Sutinder beat Shahid in Lahore

Dunya News

The first match was played between Shahid Khoewala and Sutinder Singh. After the defeat, Shahid said that his own wrong move against the Indian player cost him the match.
The second phase of Pak-India wrestling is being played in Lahore.Meanwhile, Hamid Khan, the Pakistani wrestler from Multan, said that he was scheduled to contest the Indian wrestler who is injured now.
He said he was offered by the Indian wrestler Sutander Singh on the other hand has challenged that he was ready to contest two wrestlers with a break of a few minutes.
The injured Indian wrestler Jagroop Singh will not participate in the contest.Sutander Singh who had to earlier contest against Hamid Khan will also contest Azam Lurhka Pehlwan of Lodhran.
In the matches played in Gujranwala in part one, India and Pakistan remained 1-1 in the wrestling tournament being played in Gujranwala. The first bout in Gujranwala has been won by Indian wrestler while equaliser came from Umar Butt in the second match.

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