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Apr 5, 2014

Milind Dattatraya Manguda Earns Kushti Promoter and Practitioner Award

By Deepak Ansuia Prasad

Milind Dattatraya Manguda, a resident of Kirloskarwadi, India, loves traditional Indian wrestling. There are lots of people working selflessly to preserve and promote the sport and Milind is one of them. Milind has a very popular Facebook page named Kushti Mallvidya. Milind has been updating about wresting event, photos, videos and anything like knowledge about wrestling, wrestling events and wrestlers. These are much useful information by which people not only peep into the world of Maharashtra Kushti but also find a good source of entertainment. His work is recognized by lot of people over internet for its absorbing, informative and entertaining content.
On 22th March, 2014 The Village Panchayat Committe conferred this years' Kushti Promoter and Practitioner Award. The news was printed by many local dailies. I congratulate Milind for doing such a good thing. I wish i could also come to maharashtra and see the kushti culture there.


Milind said...

दीपक भाई मै आपका बहुत हि शुक्र गुजार हु जो आपने हमे इस काबील समझा.
कुस्ती परासार का काम आपने मुझसे से भी कई साल पहले शुरू किया है ,मै जनता नाही था कि यह ब्लॉग आप चालते है ...मै आपका ब्लॉग हर रोज पढता हु ..बहुत हि अर्थपूर्ण और अभ्यासपूर्ण लेख है आपके ब्लॉग मै.
दिल से फिरसे एक बार शुक्रिया


anant said...

Deepakji being maharashtrian we all are proud of you and especially we are thankful to you for writing a blog about Milind (Ganesh) he is our elder brother and a good friend as well
thank you very much and keep going
all d best